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Brightshare Affiliate Program and Casino Properties Warning

Brightshare And Casino Properties Well, here we are again with another warning about a well known and respectable program that has turned sour. Brightshare have seen fit to add 3 new bogus terms retroactively, that will in essence steal an affiliates rightful lifetime earnings and… more

Roxy Affiliates Rogue

Roxy Affiliates And Casino Properties Warning

Roxy Affiliates and Casino Properties Warning We never thought we would be issue a warning against such a solid company that has been in the industry for over 10 years. In April 2013 Roxy Affiliates decided to take the approach of closing affiliate accounts that… more

Wagershare Affiliate Program and Associated Casinos

Wagershare affiliate program and associated casinos (AKA Palace Group) It seems as though Wagershare does not understand the concept of a partnership between themselves and affiliates. A good chunk of affiliates have noticed a large number of player accounts being locked out, they have kept… more