Wolf Run Online Slots, produced by IGT is a wolf themed online slot game. It’s a 5-reel with a 4 line video slot makes it a unique game. Its theme coincides with real wildlife animals, nature, and of course includes wolves. The setting is set in the middle of the forest with varieties of wildlife surrounding you. The story behind the name Wolf Run is an interesting one. The creator was inspired to create the game because of the name of her apartment block.

Game Design:

Wolf Run is available on all devices such as IPhone, IPad, Android, and tablet. IGT designed Wolf Run with a Native American gaming style. They’ve used this themed design before, it isn’t anything extraordinary. The symbols that are available show wolves, either Native American representations of them or real ones. The web designers of Wolf Run did an amazing job with the game as a whole, the sounds, graphics, and the motion of the slots.

Game Info:

Wolf Run has features that help differentiate from other online slot games. If a Howling Wolf pops up on your screen that represents a Wild Symbol. A Wild Symbol replaces every other symbol except a Bonus Symbol. If you spin 3 Bonus Symbols on the center 3 reels you’re forced to pay two times your total bet and get in return five free spins. When you play the Free Spins Round you have the ability to trigger another five free spins. Wolf Run is usually played in a friendlier tone – the wolves are not as wild in this game and most events occur when the sun is out as oppose to other games which are during the night/darkness.

The “O” in Wolf Run’s title is another feature that makes it unique, it is actually a wolves paw. Carefully chosen music is in the background as your playing which coincides with the wolf theme and also gives off exhilarating sounds when you spin a winning combination, as well as when you press the Spin Button.


Wolf Run is one of many online casino slot games which don’t have a significant amount of unique features that make you want to keep playing the game. The Wolf Run 2 game was ultimately disappointing due to its high expectations, but when the game came out it really never took off and the original Wolf Run is the more popular version of the two.

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