Double Diamond Slot Game is an online game by IGT that has existed in Vegas casinos for quite a long time. This game has provided various people with huge winnings and is therefore deemed one of the best examples of classic slots.
It is described as a 3-reel, 1-line casino game that gives its players a chance of winning small bets more often other than big winnings less often. it is a fair game for starters or gamers not attuned to make big winnings at a time. The game is imbued with simplicity and elegance and is also ordinary in design. It provides an avenue for learners to understand the game before they play it, through its free slots provision. After players become familiar with the game in the free slot, they can proceed to the real money version.

Game Design

The game utilizes the IGT software, has one play line and three reels. It is also designed so that players cannot spend much gambling in the sense that it provides them with a minimum bet of 10 and a maximum of 3000. Concerning the theme, it is characterized by classic slots, fortune, or failure and represents Vegas Casinos in its outlook. The better part of the game assumes a pink color with some blue, red, magenta, and red patches.

Game Information

Like other classic matches, it does not constitute bonus rounds or bonus features, but it doubles the payout. Its symbol is the wild, which at times indicates the amount of luck has. For instance, players that get three wild symbols at once they are lucky because they get 1000x inform of payout. The 1000x payout is the best you can get from the game insofar as payouts are concerned. The fact that the game gives one a higher chance of winning means that a player is likely to attain the game’s maximum winnings with great ease. Its limited variety of symbols makes its players resonate with Vegas as they play it from whatever corner of the world.


For gamblers looking for a game to delve into without visiting a casino facility, a game where they are not likely to spend much of their money, this is the game for them. Its assumed Vegas casino outlook also enables gamblers acquitted to Vegas casinos to feel like they are in the ground-based facilities. The game is imbued with significant credibility in the sense that it has already been tried and tested in Vegas for a long time. It’s well known to payout frequently.
Additionally, the game is a product of IGT and also utilized its software. It is worth noting that IGT is a renowned company for online casino games. It prides itself on having a significant number of games. Gamblers who are less solvent can still take advantage. It allows them small bets, yet, they can win significant amounts of money, including the maximum amount.

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